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Greg Adams

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Tuesday - Friday, Midnight - 5am; Saturday, Midnight - 6am
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  • Greg Adams grew up in Northern Michigan in the very small town of East Jordan. EJ, or as the kids call it these days, the Dirty J, had only one full stop light, and it was a big deal when we got a McDonald's! Greg started in radio as an intern on a morning show in Northern Michigan. His first full-time radio job came at Big Country 102.9 in the Traverse City/Petoskey area; along the way Greg has spent time with WJPD in Marquette, MI and WDEZ in Wausau, WI. Now Greg gets to hang out on the Funny Farm every weeknight/morning on Win 98.5! Spare time activities include comic books, Michigan sports (mostly the Tigers), and spending time with the family. Join the Funny Farm every night to get up to date on your favorite country artists with Country Music News, as well as your favorite songs all night long! If you have a request, you can email greg.adams@wincountry.com!